Saturday, November 19, 2016


Every morning for the past 2 weeks we lie in bed in the early morning hours listening in fear to their murmuring and muttering - plotting and planning. We shudder and in only a few minutes they arrive in our cabin and we are woken... "Hi Gran!!!  Hi Papa!!!" ... and our day begins.

Pam had diversions, cards, games, toys, fishing lines... Quest endowed us with a fart machine. (Big Hit!) Used them all up on Day 1. Since then we colour, play cards, get ready for the beach, go to the beach, have lunch, get ready for the beach, go to the beach, wind-down, have dinner, look at the planets and the stars, read good night stories and put them to bed. Then we have adult time - for 15 minutes - and crash with exhaustion!

We've snorkelled up at Great Bird, hiked and swum at Deep Bay, splashed around in Hermitage (Five Islands) and provisioned at Jolly Harbour.  We spent a night at Carlisle Bay before heading into Falmouth to pick up Daddy (Luke.)

Toes in the Water at Great Bird

Hanging around

Keepin' cool with Murphy the dinghy

Looking for fishies

Up the hill at Deep Bay

My girls!

Scramble down past the goats at Deep Bay

Lucy laundry out the picture window

Keeping busy

Knotty kids
Help at the helm

We motored around to Carlisle Bay the day before Luke arrived. Quest kept us company in the bay and the kids were desparate to spend time with Sid and Cate. And, Cate got in a little grandchild lovin' in return. It's only a short trip to head around from Carlisle to Falmouth but it is always bouncy. So we sat tight for a rocky half hour.

Took the Closs family on the Middle Ground walk from Falmouth to English Harbour and then all drank a gallon of water to rehydrate.

Middle Ground hike rest spot

Fast forward to Thursday. Clearing out of Antigua is a piece of cake and we found ourselves coming into Montserrat around 1 PM. Clearing into Montserrat isn't a piece of cake - their internet was down and the paper forms took more than an hour. The fact that the Closs family is leaving here by plane was a terrible conundrum which they couldn't resolve. To make it easier, we will finish our clearance after they are gone, Monday morning. So we haven't officially cleared in!?

We are taking in the sites, enjoying the black sand beaches, Jen and Luke have been snorkel fiends and they are looking to fit in a hike on their last day.

Granview Villa

Cool Pool
Morning coffee
Hey, look what we found!!!

Closs Family at Woodlands Beach

Playing in the black sand
Soufriere in behind

Coming back sometime?
Tomorrow the Closs family heads home and we head back to Blue Pearl for more adventures farther south. Will do a better job of keeping our blog up to date with a little more time on our hands!!!


  1. Looks like everyone is thoroughly enjoying the terrorist attacks!

    1. That's true! Love the little munchkins but they sure do keep you on your feet!


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