Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Underpants in France

So we put the rascals on the plane in Montserrat and watched as they set out for their epic voyage home. A small plane ride to Antigua, then from Antigua to Toronto and then from Toronto to Vancouver... all in the same day... more or less. They left here at noon and were home in Vancouver at 12:30 AM.
There they go!

What movie shall we watch?
Jolly Harbour
With tears in our eyes, we left the airport and headed back to Blue Pearl. We were at the dock unloading all the crap that we had taken to the house just as some fishermen were dealing with their catch of lobsters. So we bought one! Lobster salad for dinner.

Yum! Dinner.

We have been infested with bugs... little house flies that want to fly up your nose. There are probably a hundred of them on the boat. Wondered if it had to do with the anchorage so we beetled around the corner to try something different. Then we took turns as serial bug killers until it was somewhat reasonable.

With the low winds we've been experiencing we decided to motor down the west coast. No sails so any bad burning stuff from the volcano won't affect us. Got some great views of the volcano and what is left of the town of Plymouth.

Stayed at one of these places in Woodlands

Remains of Plymouth

More devastation
Motoring 8 miles down the coast was quite nice. Motoring into the wind for 20 miles wasn't. The last 8 miles was good and the batteries are happy.

Pam was spending time looking up the contact info for our boat broker to sell the boat so I decided to shut up and we spent a quiet night on the boat. We can check in tomorrow.

Checked in the next day and walked to the Super Marche to get Leffe beer, rabbit pate, baguette and other good stuff. Good thing we are both fluent in French. Makes it easier.

It is very hot. There is no breeze so quite uncomfortable. And we are getting gallons of rain every hour or so so we shut everything up, then open up, then shut everything up, etc, etc.

Wearing as little as possible... mostly underwear... I know, not a pretty image. Sorry!

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