Sunday, March 27, 2016

Too Busy to Blog

It's crazy how fast this past week has gone. It seems like yesterday I picked up George and Jinder from Jolly Harbour Marina and yet today we rented a car and drove Jinder from Falmouth out to the airport for his trip home.

We've walked several beaches, had several drinks... we've bobbed in the spectacularly beautiful Antiguan waters and, most importantly, tackled and solved all of the problems in the world. We are excellent problem solvers.

George has been keeping an account of our days on his blog so for the day-to-day... read his. I'm too lazy.
Jolly Harbour out to Blue Pearl in the anchorage

First Sundowner

New tee-shirt


Another beautiful sunset from Hermitage Bay

The lovely Blue Pearl

Beach drinks in Deep Bay

Deep Bay beach walk

Wow - he is close!

We spent a lot of time working and playing together years ago.. but not so much in recent years. So it was very nice to have this time together.

George and I will fill up our water and do a couple of minor boat chores. Maybe a bus ride into St. Johns on Tuesday. We'll see! Then the ladies arrive on Wednesday to join in the fun. Yay!!!

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