Friday, March 18, 2016

On the Hook

After 2 weeks tied up to the dock, ripping Blue Pearl apart to install new chain plates, it is nice to be at anchor in Davis Bay.

I have a busy day planned. Going to read my book, do the daily sudoku, have a swim and take a nap. Repeat as necessary.

North Sound Marina a mile or two away

Jumby Bay Resort

Fancy shmancy rental units

Tug-barge back and forth with construction materials.
George and Jinder are coming down on Monday. Jinder will spend a week with us before heading back to work. Then Deb and Pam come down for another week or 10 days - before we head back to North Sound to haul. Fun, fun, fun!

So thank goodness I'll have Pam to help me put the boat to bed for the summer!


  1. Yeh, I'm really looking forward to hefting heavy sails and canvas, working on the stainless and waxing the hull in 30 C weather!!! Glad to get in a little cruise with Deborah and George first!

  2. Looks like the real "clew" is YOU, Pam!

  3. Looks like the real "clew" is YOU, Pam!


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