Monday, March 21, 2016

Haven't Got a Clew

No, seriously... I haven't got a clew on my jib. I was at the end of a beautiful sail from North Sound to Five Islands Bay when the jib started to go crazy. I wasn't clear what was going on but it was time to drop everything and get ready to anchor.

Got any glue?

After anchoring, the jib sheet was dangling so I coiled it up and spotted the clew. As Seaside Sid says, "Break out another thousand - or 3!"

The jib was the only sail we hadn't replaced over the years so I guess this is a good thing. Blue Pearl has new chain plates and a new jib coming up.

To paraphrase Captain Ron, "We must be at the end of the season. We had just enough money to do the season - AND WE'RE OUT OF MONEY!!!"

Heavy winds for the next while so I'll sail with reefed main and staysail while George and Jinder visit.

And we will enjoy the beauty of Antigua!

Good times with good friends!

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  1. I am already thinking about all of the things I can make out of an old sail!


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