Tuesday, April 5, 2016

And... She's Back!

Yay! Pam's back. Thank goodness... finally start to do things right around here.

The girls arrived at the Breezeway in Falmouth by taxi after having a mini-tour of the island. The driver had to drop some other folks off at the Saint James club so they got to see a bit of the east and interior of the island.

Great to get back to normal. We are enjoying showing George and Deb our Antiguan lifestyle - which is basically loaf around 'til just before noon, do some minor activity, have lunch, beers, nap, afternoon bobbing, happy hour, dinner and bed.  Repeat.

They are leaving on Friday. We will visit with folks near Jolly Harbour and do some boat maintenance... getting ready for our transition back to our other life.

Visiting in Nelson's Dockyard

More Nelson's

Keeping hydrated

Lovely Carlisle Beach

Treasure hunting

Fish Market in St. John's

Visit to the museum


Ciao for now!


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