Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year!

As the clock chimed in 2015 we were checking in at the beautiful Airport Hampton Inn and Suites in Charlotte, North Carolina.  After a raucous party (a glass of wine before bed) we woke to take the final leg of our trip back to Saint Lucia.

We had made arrangements to have a taxi meet us and after a little confusion we jumped in the taxi with Didi for the hour and a half trip back to Rodney Bay.
Really?  Green Diamond
It took a moment to realize that he was holding a sign that had a colour and a gemstone so it was probably us.  And who would name their boat Green Diamond?

Back on the boat we are beginning to settle in.  Pam has been enjoying Vancouver weather so it will likely take a few days before she is truly comfortable in the heat.  

Dinner out, first night back!
We are slowly moving aboard, getting groceries and doing little jobs.  The crew quarters has become our garage as we chuck things around to make it more livable.  As I said in a previous blog, I was hoping for a B but Pam has been spending her time between naps cleaning things... so I guess it's a C+ after all.


Driving home with groceries
I used my new Loos gauge to check the tension on all the stays.  When the standing rigging was replaced this summer, the riggers checked the tensions "by feel" saying that they didn't need (or have?) a gauge.  They were remarkably close on the shrouds but off by a mile on the backstays.  Had to tighten them way up.

Lunch at the Marina
The winds are predicted to be quite high over the next week so we will acclimatize, get a few chores done and enjoy Rodney Bay before pushing on for points north.  We have 8 weeks to get to Antigua for our next trip home to family.  Lots of time for more adventures on Green Diamond  Blue Pearl.

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  1. Looks like Pam has adjusted very well to the sun, beers and food. Have fun as we enjoy the snow here.


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