Sunday, January 25, 2015

We've Adopted!

Since our own children are too busy with families and careers we've adopted two new children... Carolin and Martin.

We met in Rodney Bay before they sold their boat in Martinique.  They wanted to come up to Dominica and we were headed that way so it just made sense to travel together.

We waited for them in Anse Mitan, Martinique and after they arrived by ferry from Fort-de-France we left for St. Pierre.  Easy sail up there... about 20 miles.  After getting our last French wine, cheese and mussels (until our next French island) we headed out for Roseau, Dominica.
Anse Mitan

From the beach

Finally a hotel we can afford

Sending postcards home to the grandkids



Great winds, easy sail.  Especially with new crew to order around.  Pam doesn't take orders!

Learning the navigation system

St. Pierre

St. Pierre through Pam's picture window

Crew on a break

Crew hard at work

The SailClear program put me first in line for clearance in Roseau, Dominica... the manual entry folks had to fill out endless forms and wait... the SailClear lady would be with me momentarily.   After all the manual entry people had come and gone, I finally filled out all the papers manually, presented them to the manual clearance guy and we were entered into Dominica.  The SailClear specialist was in a foul mood over some earlier clearance and was not interested in processing our "speedy application".

We went back to wait for "the best restaurant in Dominica," the Westport Inn from our visit here two years ago but it didn't open.  Dang!  They made the most delicious lionfish.  We will make a point of hitting it on our way back down.  Had a lovely dinner on board and sped off to a blissful sleep.

Up to Portsmouth on Saturday and a terrific reunion with Azaya.  We started this great adventure with them in Lake Worth, Florida five seasons ago and it was terrific to see them again.  We are hoping for a couple of weeks of buddy boating again.

Our "boat boy" Jeffery, aka Seabird 

Yay!!!  Azaya!!!

Happy reunion

Our adopted children have made plans for several hikes (we try to avoid that) and then they leave us for more adventures in Cuba.  They grow up so fast!

We are going to relax here and get some boat jobs done.  Lots of pictures to follow!


Glen and Pam

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