Sunday, December 21, 2014

Home for Christmas

Today is my last day on Blue Pearl before I head home to see what Pam got me for Christmas.  I hope it is better than what I got her (a couple of cleaned pumps, a new water system pump and a new propane solenoid!)

Met a couple of guys on 32 foot OKSO next slip over who just sailed across in the ARC.  They look 16 but I'm guessing they are in their 20s.  What an achievement! These guys actually went to Barbados and then backtracked to St. Lucia so I'm not sure if they are real ARC or ARC tag-alongs. Took them 16 days from Cape Verde, wow!  They are headed for Sidney.  Just because it's there!

Off to Sydney next - whew!
I've been puttering and problem sort-of-solving.  I think our solar panels are shot.  They are supposed to give us great quantities of free energy but they can barely keep our beer cold.  Of course, they can't keep our beer cold at night... only when the sun is shining... but even then they can't keep up.  According to my valuable source and bff, Google, they are supposed to blast out about 20 volts when you measure them without any wires connected, right at the panels.  Ours are close to that, around 16.  BUT, they are also supposed to show 8.5 amps when you measure the "short circuit" amperage - by connecting your ammeter directly to the panels in amps mode, no wires connected.  Ours show about 4 or 5.  Bottom line, we aren't keeping the beer cold.  Checking into replacements.

They look lovely... but don't work.
 I have continued with the plumbing.  Fixed the shower sump so all of my soapy shower water goes into the shower sump and overboard... instead of into the bilge.  Not sure that anyone really cares about that but it is the way it is supposed to work.

Surprised myself and walked into a sushi restaurant at lunch Saturday.  I didn't intend on doing that.  I was out around noon looking at new multi-meters (mine broke... what's new) and fully intended to walk past the restaurant back to the boat but my feet took me into the air conditioned restaurant and pretty soon I was sitting in front of a bento box with miso soup, tuna poki, california roll, crab roll and crunchy(?) roll.  It was awesome.

Great food, great service - Rituals Sushi, Rodney Bay Marina!
So now it is time to pack, tidy up, shut down the electrical, close off seacocks, check the lines, secure the dinghy and generally get ready to leave Blue Pearl for a short visit home.  I'm going to try to think of all the things that Pam would do to get the boat ready to leave.  I'm sure I can get a C+ but would love to get a B.

My view when reading or doing sudukos

G Dock

Blue Pearl, waiting for Pam 
Merry Christmas, Faithful Reader!!!  See you in the New Year.


  1. Merry Christmas. We always read and enjoy your blog. You are a great story teller. You got Pam similar gifts like I got Radeen. We think alike :-). Have a safe trip home. Get that Pam back on board so life can return to normal. :-)


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