Saturday, January 10, 2015


Ok, not actually marooned but stuck.

While we were at the dock, waiting for the weather to die down and for Pam to acclimatize, we were doing odd jobs.

Pam spent a bunch of her time on Murphy the Dinghy's chaps.  She started this project 3 years ago but stalled when it came to fitting some of the curves and cutting around the various lumps and bumps.  Last year we hired a local in Bequia who made an absolute hash of things.  Poor Pam looked in horror at the work when we got it back.  So she has been stewing all summer long on the best way to recover.  Talked it over with Cathy from Dreammaker and dove into the job.  And voila... what a huge difference!

Really Ugly

Picking out Ugly

Beautiful with Ugly up top

We can hardly wait to try them on.

One of my jobs was to fix a salt water leak on the engine heat exchanger.  When I took it apart it was WAY worse than I thought.  The salt water has eaten away at the metal and it's never going to seal properly now.
And this is a part we've already replaced once

Now this thing is a beast and new ones are not readily available.  I might have found one in Wisconsin, of all places, but getting it down here is going to be a lesson in logistics.

Once the part gets in we will have an engine and we can get out into the bay and watch for weather to help us head north.  But we are here for awhile.

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