Sunday, December 7, 2014


I had all kinds of plans to avoid clearing into St. Vincent and the Grenadines via the harbour at Clifton but in the end I gritted my teeth and decided to endure the abominable boat boys and pay for a mooring ball that is probably secured to an old washing machine on the bottom.  We cleared in, had a smoothie, got some cash and went back to the boat for our short trip to Mayreau.  

Mmmmmmmm.  Smoothies!
I've mentioned before that Mayreau is one of my favorite islands and now it is among Steve and Stu's as well.  We trudged to the top of the hill so Stu could deliver his cargo of school supplies to the school.  Very cool.  No one had a coronary up the impossibly steep road.  Then walked over to the church so we could take in the view of the Tobago Cays, Carriacou, Petite St. Vincent, Petite Martinique and all the other cool places near here.

Stu's school supplies

Steve helped the kid out... now the teacher thinks he needs remediation
When we got back to the boat we were exhausted and hot... so what better antidote than a swim on the beautiful beach.  Pork stir-fry and a modicum of alcohol and then off to a deep slumber.  

Yesterday we got into the Tobago Cays, anchored and zipped over to swim with the turtles.  Even before we got the dinghy in the water one had surfaced near the boat so we knew they were there.  Saw tons of them.  They are so casual around humans.  They will swim right up to a person to have a look.  I'd include a picture of a turtle but I've lost my underwater camera.  PAM!  I need you here to find things.
Working on our synchronized routine

Calm, calm - hot, hot!
Back at the boat, we spent a lot of time in the water.  The wind is non-existent so you need the water to stay cool.  I've never seen it so calm.  

Steve didn't want leave.  He said that this has been his best swimming of his life.  Cool.

We had to motor all the way up to Bequia.  There is absolutely no breeze.  Crazy.
Easy making lunch today!

Picture Window
Got rid of garbage and did a tour of the town but it's Sunday so very quiet.  Picked up a bunch of fruit and veg at one of the vendors and came back to the boat.  Very hot so we went to shore in the dinghy for a swim.  

We had a slice of pizza ashore so we are looking at a light dinner.  Maybe a tuna sandwich.  I bought a soursop so the crew has had a chance to really branch out!  Check out soursop on google, Faithful Reader.  It's the ugliest thing you've ever seen.

So, the adventure continues!  We'll spend the next couple of days here and then head to Rodney Bay.  Woooo hoooooooo!


  1. Looks like you are showing the guys a good time! Enjoy! It is cold and raining here!


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