Thursday, December 4, 2014

Leaving Grenada

Alright, we’re cruisers!
Steve's breakfast extravaganza
We had a good trip around the south coast of Grenada and parked out front of St. Georges for tours and provisions.  
Steve getting ready for the Grey Cup

Capturing rainwater

Swabby at the helm
Got all kinds of good stuff from Foodland.  We learned that the bananas we bought somewhere else are actually cooking bananas.  We could wait until next year and they still wouldn’t have been edible.

Toured the museum, the fort, had a beer overlooking the cruise ship dock and lunch (curried goat) at Dayna’s.  Bought some Sturgeron (sea sickness medication) for Stu and then headed back to the boat to get ready our trip up to Carriacou.  Because of our big lunch, we chowed down on a huge salad of lettuce, cucumber, tomato, christophene and onion.  Together with crackers, cheese and sardines, it hit the spot.
Visiting the Fort

Had a small nightcap (hah!) and stumbled off to bed.

I got a poke in the ribs at 6:30 and by 7:00 we had the anchor up were off to Carrriacou.  
The boys hard at work

Good sail up here… in by noon.  At 12:30 we were snugged and ready so we headed off to the Slipway Restaurant.  What to have???  The fresh seared tuna salad or the incredible burger.  Stu had the burger, Steve and I had the tuna.  Unbelievable.

Puttering and swimming in the afternoon - Simon came by to offer incredibly overpriced lobster… which we bought.  So tonight we are having lobster with stir fry vegetables and rice.  Either that or more sards!

No, I think that cloud looks like a rabbit smoking a cigar.
Head lobster chef at the Not So Ritzy Carlton


  1. So hard to choose between the seared tuna and the burger. They are both sooo good at the Slipway! Maybe you should stay another day so you could have both! And a lobster dinner tonight! What a cruise!

  2. I forgot to mention how much I am enjoying your photos ... especially the one of Steve's incredible breakfast dish. I love that the ketchup bottle is next to a tin of Corrosion Block!


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