Saturday, April 27, 2013

Please... no shoes!!!

Almost done!  

Blue Pearl is resting in a new spot for a few months.  The folks at Grenada Marine have been very friendly and we feel we are in good hands.   We worked hard yesterday, getting the chores done that we could - scrubbed the bottom, packed up stuff, cleaned the dinghy and a few little things - all in 30+ C temperatures, high humidity and no breeze.  

We were pretty happy to get picked up by someone from our hotel so we could clean up and cool off.  La Sagesse is a boutique hotel and they cater to folks who are transitioning on or off their boats.  We've already had a couple of meals with Peter and Anne from Spice of Life as they get ready to head back to Canada.

We did the bottom today - lots of people scratching their heads saying we should do it just before we splash in the fall.  However, we talked to the company who makes the paint and they said it makes no difference.  Also, Gary told us that for years he has done his while the boat is clean from hauling and he is used to the heat - and he hasn't noticed any degradation in the protection.  So now, while we have the time and are somewhat acclimated to this heat, we just did it.  It probably didn't need much anyway.  The paint was new at the beginning of this season and it looked like new so really all we did was to add another coat.  One less thing to do before we splash in the fall.
Out she comes

Bottom's great - prop could use some attention

Wiping her down

And after another coat of paint.... tada!

Tomorrow we only have little things to finish up and decisions about what clothes need to come back.  We almost got sick when we pulled out sweaters to have when we arrive in Vancouver.  Ugly thinking about sweaters in this heat.  Glen is objecting to the notion of shoes.  We'll have to see how that goes.

Otherwise we rest and enjoy La Sagesse.  Thanks for that tip Bobby and Leslie!

This is where we die at night

Looking out to the beach

Our dinner table

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  1. Aw, no more great stories and great pictures? I'll miss them. Have a safe journey home!


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