Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mayreau and Union Island

Mayreau is a place we will revisit, and hopefully bring guests.  It is a gem of an island with beautiful anchorages, a great beach, smiling, helpful folks and a really cool little village.  We sailed past Salt Whistle Bay - there is a Moorings site at nearby Canouan and so Salt Whistle is a popular first stop - but there were at least 30 boats in the tiny anchorage.  Friends have said that it really is worth a stop so we will do that next year.  Instead, we went another mile to Saline Bay and enjoyed screamin' internet, great holding and no roll.  Great spot.  Even the boat boys were enjoyable.  Everything about Mayreau is third world - except their prices.  A loaf of banana bread from the boat boy was $14 and croissants were $4 each.

We had heard from other boaters that there are two T-shirt ladies on the beach.  The "big" one, Rosie, is known for her benevolence.  She has raised her own brood… and now "adopts" under-privileged kids from the island and nurtures and encourages them so that they can complete their schooling.  Very noble.  We had a bunch of baby clothes and diapers from grandkids' visits that we were able to leave with her.  Also, had to buy a T-shirt for Glen!

Our view
Rosie the T-shirt lady
Catholic Church bell to alert the faithful
Looking across our anchorage to Union Island 
Robert Righteous and De Youth's Restaurant - getting too old - the music was too loud so we didn't go in.
Beer and view!
We heard from Bruce and Colleen on Serenity that they would be travelling from Bequia to Chatham Bay on Union Island so we made that our destination for Sunday.  When we pulled in we were greated by the ubiquitous "boat boys."  They are always there but we have yet to have a bad experience.  Sometimes we buy their services, sometimes we don't.  A "no thank you", usually seems to work.

Had a great reunion with Colleen and Bruce and a lovely dinner on their boat.  Glen was in excellent voice as he and Bruce entertained the lovely ladies.  A good time was had by Glen.

We are anchored off Ashton, Union Island and today took the bus into Clifton to clear customs, etc for our trip onward to Carriacou and Grenada.  

Tomorrow off for our reunion with Gary and Donna in Tyrell Bay, Carriacou.  Met them 35 years ago at Allen's Cay in the Bahamas and kept in touch.  Haven't seen them since.  We bet they still look the same... just like us!

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  1. We really liked Chatham Bay in Union Island. Looking forward to seeing you soon!


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