Friday, April 12, 2013


In 1978, we met Gary and Donna on the beach at Allen's Cay in the northern Exumas.  For many years they would finish up in their respective schools in June, camp their way down to Florida and then set off for the summer to explore the Bahamas with their 2 kids in their 23 foot sloop.  We didn't see them at all for the next 35 years but we exchanged Christmas cards, letters and then when Al Gore invented the internet we connected via email.
Getting around Union Island with Bruce and Colleen from Serenity

Baguettes in Clifton, Union Island
So it was pretty cool to sail into Tyrell Bay a couple of days ago and see them again.  They have been great hosts, showing us around the island, sharing their tips on what has worked for them and some of their favourite places to visit.   They've spent their winters down here since '98 so they know their way around.

We've been crawling around their boat, looking at all their systems and how Gary was able so squeeze a 40 gallon per hour water maker into a crevice near the engine.  We are examining the possibility of installing a similar system on Blue Pearl - or at least a hose back to their boat so we can fill up when we need water.

We were thinking of planning a reunion for 2048 but realized that we will likely be spending time with them next year as we enjoy the cruising area around Grenada, Carriacou, Union Island and the Tobago Cays.  So it won't be another 35 years.  Good!!!

Lunch with Gary and Donna in Hillsborough, Carriacou

Calabash gourds

Good to see they have Canadian Healing Oil down here

Hillsborough, Carriacou Main Street

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