Sunday, April 21, 2013

Le Phare Bleu

When we left you, Faithful Reader, we had stayed a couple days in Prickly Bay.  It is close to Budget Marine for parts and supplies.  Also we were able to take the bus into St. Georges for a quick look around.

We've read so many blogs, and heard about so many places that it has been fun to finally experience these places ourselves.

Clarks Court Bay is an interesting spot.  You can dinghy to Hog Island and further into Mount Hartman Bay if you want.  It is home to Clarks Court Bay Marina and Whisper Cove Marina... and within walking distance of a rum distillery.  Whisper Cove hosts a Tuesday evening jam session and Glen has been able to determine that his singing and guitar playing gets better, the more he drinks.  By the end of the evening last Tuesday he was positively Elvisque.
Brilliant musicianship

Nimrod's Rum Shop

Quiet Country Lane

Mangos off the road

Brilliant picture of Glen's favorites - Pam and rum
Beer and Lambi at Nimrod's

Just around the corner at Calvigny Island sits an EXCLUSIVE resort - we're talking 30 thousand per night at the 10 bedroom resort.  We were going to stay there for several nights but we couldn't fit it into our busy calendar.

We had planned to pinch our pennies and stay at anchor until the last moment - then dash into Le Phare Bleu Marina for a couple of nights to stow things away and then head to St. Davids Bay for our haul at Grenada Marine.  But for $35 per night it would have been $105 for 3 nights and a week was only $175.  AND, the last marina we stayed at was at Nanny Cay in the BVI where we did our transition with Maria and Al.  So... time to indulge.

What a great place!  The marina office is a decommissioned Swedish Lighthouse Boat.  It serves as a gourmet restaurant, marina bathrooms and showers, a bar and a museum.  How cool!

The resort itself is a gem.  We don't know what it costs to stay in the cottages but the pool bar/restaurant is lovely, breezy and they sell 2 dollar beers.  We are charter members at the bar.
Vastra Banken - Marina Office/Swedish Lightship

Enjoying the museum/lounge in the Vastra Banken

Pirate Hash - taking place at Le Phare Bleu

Pirate dog

We are doing little decommissioning jobs everyday - Glen is making sure he doesn't over-exert.

Several boats in the marina recommended a young guy who provides great service cleaning and polishing for a very reasonable daily wage.  We are hesitant to mention this.  Several of our sailing buddies will see this as confirmation that we have gone really soft... and we have...  But... we have hired him to do some of the waxing and polishing and so far we are very impressed.   If you get here... make sure to check out Kenwin if you have waxing, polishing, varnishing, etc work.  He works like a Trojan and the results are impressive.

So... more exploring, pool lounging, roadside food stand experiences...

Really looking forward to seeing friends and family at home... and excited as we plan for our season down here next year.


  1. Pam makes a GREAT model for your Rum wall photo. Very nice. ALso, you are SMART hiring out a local to wax and clean and polish....this makes sense to me. Good idea, why not? Great job making Grenada and showing us the way.

  2. Sounds like another season is winding down. We have enjoyed reading the blog immensely and look forward to more stores when you return home.


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