Friday, December 13, 2019

Home For the Holidays!!!

I got down to the boat at North Sound in Antigua on November 10 and I've been working ever since trying to get it all ready. Warren helped me a ton with all kinds of launching boat jobs when he arrived a few days later. Then Mike and George arrived and helped with some last minute stuff before we set out. And then we set out. I've described our successful and eventful delivery to Fajardo, PR in previous posts.

Pam got here on December 1 and things really began to take shape, because she knows where stuff belongs. We have done lots of little jobs ourselves and we've had contractors in to do some things that need special skills. 

So the boat is in great shape... and now we're going home. We've:

installed the new Victron 12/3000 inverter/charger
installed a new Victron battery monitor
finished up the windlass install
fixed the toilet I broke from standing on it to fix the windlass
repaired the wind direction indicator
destroyed and then repaired the autopilot
put in the new sink
repaired rigging parts on the bobstay
repaired our internet connection
installed a new shower sump pump
2 coats of varnish on the teak
polished all the stainless

And now, 16 hours later... we're home!

Otto's guts. Can you see the problem?

Mmmmm. Penne with Italian sausage!
Break Out Another Thousand

Measuring boat blanket to cover fenders

Need longer arms
Ready to cruising... when we get back!


  1. WOW, you have been working hard on many systems. It really seems like our boats take a real beating down here. Great job on all your work, and I am really impressed with PAM and here teak varnish skills. WOW!

  2. Yes... always something to fix.

    I'm lucky to have the Queen of Varnish on board to keep things looking good.

  3. Queen of varnish and the king of chaos .... What duo


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