Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Caribbean Cruise

Well Christmas at home was fun but it's time to get back to Blue Pearl. Especially since the weather is horrible and I hate shovelling the driveway.

Guy Lawrence has travelled down to Fajardo, PR with me to take a little cruise. We taught together in McBride, BC in 1981. Long time ago!

We've spent a couple of days moving in and getting ready. We will head over to Culebra and then to the USVI and the BVI. Then we'll skip over to Saint Maarten and finally jump south to Antigua.

Guy has not been to the Caribbean so he gets a pretty decent tour. AND!!! For the next few days the weather is cooperating. So we're jumping off tomorrow.

Stay tuned!

No fun!

OK, a little bit of fun!

Making my way to YVR on the SkyTrain

Captain and Crew

Are we getting out of Toronto?

Life vest maintenance

New pulpit seat

Visiting el Moro in Old San Juan

Enjoying the view

Pretty scruffy - need to clean up my act

Our cruise will be better...

Joining protesters mad at the Government


  1. SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get back here. You are crazy. We are enjoying the French Islands. MOving rapidly to Antigua to get stuff for all that is not working "-)

  2. Boy ... did you ever pick a great time to leave. Loving the pulpit seat. It looks like you have a sturdy and willing crew. Glad to hear about the weather window and favourable winds. Looking forward to reading about the adventure.

  3. I would be there protesting right along with the Puerto Ricans!


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