Saturday, March 9, 2019

Bruce Returns to Antigua

So, I sat on a bench at Jolly Harbour for 2 hours waiting for Bruce to arrive - while he sat on a bench at the airport waiting for me to pick him up. Serious communications problems.

I met Bruce in 1989 - almost 30 years ago and we've enjoyed a great and enduring friendship. After boarding Blue Pearl and a few beers that meet-up miscommunication was reduced to insignificant.

Coming into Antigua over Jolly Beach
Jolly Beach
Studly Jolly Men
I had plans to take Bruce to Panama or at least Guadeloupe but with my windlass out of commision that turned out to be a really bad idea. Bruce and Corinna visited Antigua 20 years ago on a cruise so this trip was about getting to know the place better.

Obligatory sunset photo in Carlisle Bay
So we've bounced around the island... from Jolly Harbour to the historic Falmouth and English Harbours. On to Carlisle Bay and Hermitage Bay and winding up in North Sound - near where we haul the boat and the airport.

It has been a bit of a bother with equipment... the aforementioned malfunctioning windlass has been the least of the issues. Turns out Bruce is a Beast and does a better job of hauling the anchor than Wally the Windlass.

Got to know Andy in Falmouth. He is a 26 year old who is managing a charter racing boat for an English dude. Andy was interested in my old windlass parts and I was interested in getting Andy to climb Blue Pearl's mast to install my wind indicator. So we developed a quick and meaningful relationship. So meaningful that we attended the Antigua Yacht Club Crab Races and had an excellent evening.

Andy up the mast

Crab races
Kitchen Window View

Looking down at Falmouth from the Keane's Gun Battery

Middle Ground view

English Harbour from Middle Ground

Down escalator

Up escalator - same as down

Buying stuff at Ms Gwendolyn's place in Carlisle Bay

Bounty from the Carlisle Fruit Lady
I really needed to put a charge on the batteries on Thursday but the wind was perfect so we put out the sails and turned off Yan Diesel. Very quickly found out that Otto the Autopilot was on strike so it was hand steering until I could settle that grievance. Had a blistering sail along the south and up the west coast until we got to Hermitage Bay when I found the engine wouldn't start because I hadn't charged the batteries.

We were maneuvering into our anchorage by sail when I gave Yan Diesel one more try and he started. Yay!!! Then I got the dinghy painter tied up in the prop when I reversed on the anchor. Accckkkk. Captain Chaos on top of the game!!!

So, after a number of recovery beverages we had a nice night at Hermitage

This morning we came up to North Sound. We intended to take a mooring ball at Great Bird Island but it is very crowded right now. Not really interested in maneuvering around a bunch of other boats so we have anchored off the mansions on Long Island (Jumby Bay) and will give Great Bird a try in the morning.

I'm guessing that the poor people ashore in the $12000 per night shacks are envying the folks on the  beautiful Blue Pearl anchored nearby?

Poor folks ashore

Bruce is having a nap... I've heard him hit the snooze button twice now. I expect him up any time now to tell me yet another story.

Thanks for following along!


  1. mmmm.....there are many malfunctions happening aboard....makes me think that what the SV Blue Pearl needs is that Fearless Woman!

  2. Great pics. It's fun to relive my first visit through Bruce's visit.


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