Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Well, That Was Fast!

Hello again, Faithful Reader!

As you can tell from our SPOT locator, we are back in our favourite Antigua anchorage, just off the prestigious Hermitage Bay Resort.

We ZOOMED up here from Dominica, sadly choosing not to spend time in the beautiful Les Saintes, Pigeon Island and Deshaies. We reluctantly turned down an offer from WindSwept Dreams to accompany them to Marie Gallant and the eastern ports of Guadeloupe... because we are running out of time and we need to take advantage of the good wind days.

Stripped the varnish off the last (hard-to-do) caprail

Holy smokes - Chris and Linda from Troubadour!!!

Bye bye Fort Shirley - best artifacts in the Caribbean!!!

Dominica to Les Saintes was fast and uneventful. We went into Terre Haute and checked in and out of France. Went to the grocery store to buy Leffe beer and some disgusting French rum and some vegetable or something that Pam wanted.

Les Saintes to Deshaies was a roar at first - 7+ knots - but it died in the wind-shadow of Guadeloupe and we ended up motor-sailing.

Finally... a decent picture of a whale!

Clearing in and out of France

Doing a walk-about. Need exercise, right?

Working hard on a VERY hard Sudoku

Pam's doing the last of her word searches - is anyone on watch???
Crowded Deshaies harbour
And Deshaies to Antigua was phenomenal for the first 4.5 hours and a bitch for the last 2. But we did it with an average of 7 knots so... not bad. And we had a dolphin encounter

Hi Blue Pearl. Nice boat!!!
Maltese Falcon anchored off Five Islands, Antigua
We've seen whales, dolphins but no mahi. Folks all over are telling us about the prodigious numbers of mahi they are catching, while we are catching none. What's wrong with Pam's technique?... I wish I knew.

We are stocking up on Waitrose vodka and gin for next season. At about $10 CDN for the gin and $6 for the vodka it is too good to pass up. I'll bring some home so you can try it. So Blue Pearl is well stocked for next year with gin, vodka and rum. No bottom paint, chain, wax or spare parts but tons of booze.
Stocking up - for your trip down here next year!

We will enjoy Hermitage for a few days keeping up with the varnish. Then around to North Sound to prepare to haul.

Blue Pearl anchored off Hermitage Bay Resort
Check with you later!!

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  1. Looking good. Hey, ULLR says you play a fantastic Neil Young! Our favorite. Can't wait to share an anchorage with you next season!
    Hayden n Radeen


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