Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Get Out the Shut-down Checklist

OK... now we're getting ready to haul. We are at North Sound Marina, tied up alongside the haul-out well.

I forgot to mention in my last post about the movie being shot in Hermitage Bay while we were there. We saw a derelict boat that appeared to have gone aground at one of our favorite "Beach Blanket Bingo" beaches. Pam clued-in very quickly that it was staged and was probably part of a movie. And, sure enough, we saw on "Antigua Cruisers" on Facebook that they were filming "Wendy," a variation of the Peter Pan theme. Over the next week we watched as the cast and crew arrived in the morning. We could hear the director yelling, "Cameras rolling. OK, Action." and stuff like that. The derelict boat looked as if it was mostly underwater but on the day we rolled out we could see it perfectly afloat. I guess they had air bladders inside that they could inflate.

Anyway, it provided an excellent distraction as we engaged in more varnish, sudokus and Pam's online scrabble.

Wendy - filmed in Hermitage Bay
We took advantage of a low wind day to move north and east (into the wind) to Davis Bay (Jumby Island.) They have great scenery and even better internet. Took down the staysail, Pam worked on caprail covers and I tried to stay out of trouble.

Beating conch to make conch chowder

Cooking breakfast

Pam's water collection technique

Stowing a solar panel
We were ready to head over to North Sound early today to give us time to do those things that require being tied up... but they weren't ready so we lollygagged until 4 and then headed over.

So here we are for a couple of nights... before our haul on Friday and flight home on Sunday.

Pretty sure I can find the breaker for our power

Dumping the jib

How are we going to stuff that in a bag?

Wowwwww, that's lookin' good

Almost perfect!


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