Thursday, April 6, 2017

In Transition

When we passed through Dominica on our way south in February the place was hoppin'.

Carnival was about to begin and the Portsmouth Anchorage Yacht Services (PAYS) guys were getting ready for "Yachty Appreciation Week." There were BBQs, beach parties, groups hiking hither and yon, music nights and a whole host of visits to neighbouring yachts for "Sundowners."

When we got here this time it was completely different. There are less than half as many boats and the place is quiet and sleepy.

We love it here all the same. We haven't done any hiking or BBQs or parties but we did go into town to buy rum.... and we did go snorkelling a couple of days ago.

Bowsprit nicely varnished - except that centre piece - where we are going to add some starboard

Excellent snorkeling technique

Blue Pearl and WindSwept Dreams on PAYS moorings.

Skinny bathroom - trying to fit in.

Music night on Blue Pearl with Ed and Ann
Had a nice trip up from Roseau to Portsmouth. Just as we were leaving we spotted two whale watching boats just south of where we were anchored. We headed in their direction and were rewarded with humpback spottings. A mother and her baby were puttering around in the harbour. We kept our distance which resulted in stellar photos... this is the best of them!

Yah! Whales.
Next morning as we were coming on deck with our coffees we spotted one right in Portsmouth Harbour. I saw his tail flukes as he/she dove down. Yay whales!

With only two weeks before we haul our minds are now on getting the boat ready to leave for months and months. We're trying to get final coats of varnish on with the hopes that it will stand the blistering sun - without blistering. Pam has been designing covers that will hopefully protect the teak from most of the direct sunlight. We will need to have someone from the yard check them now and then to make sure the wind hasn't blown them all a-kilter.

The weather gods have given us 3 days in a row of decent wind and direction so tomorrow we will head to Les Saintes, Saturday to Deshaies, and Sunday to Antigua. We'll spend a week around Jolly Harbour getting laundry done and finishing up any varnish work.

Then we head up to North Sound to haul. As our haul-out date approaches we seem to be accelerating to Antigua... like the horses returning to the barn!

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