Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Road Trips

We rented a car to drive Cate to the airport.  She is going home for a quick family visit.  That resulted in a minor tour of the island for Cate and a more extensive one for Sid after we dropped her at the airport.

After the airport we took off for North Sound Marina to show Sid where we hauled last year.  Really loved it here and hope to haul here again next year.

At Anchor in Five Islands Bay with Quest

Sid meets Ed from Windswept Dreams - just launching at North Sound

Sugar Apple - a little like a soursop

OK - now which way to anywhere?

This thing will do 40 knots!

Meeting Serenity at the dinghy dock in Falmouth

This thing does 40 knots
Looking out at Eric Claptons place

English and Falmouth Harbours from Shirley Heights
Unicycle going up to Shirley Heights
 We avoided going into St. John's because the congestion is crazy and the potential is huge for getting into trouble going down the one-way streets the wrong way.  So a couple of days later we took the bus.  That's an experience not to be missed.  Bo needed some special dog food so we checked out all the pet-food stores in St. Johns.  Had a shawarma at the Shawarma Palace, and explored the produce market.

Market in St. Johns

Hmmmmm.  What to choose?

Shawarma Palace
Mind the gap

Caribbean architecture

More historic landmarks

Ackee - for "Ackee rice and the fish is nice and the rum is fine any time of year!"

Loading up

A wanton disregard for the law

Ed and Ann swam out to visit - and then Bo on the way back to shore

Heading down to Green Island - Montserrat in the background

Sailing past Eric's house.  Pretty sure he'll be impressed
We've reconnected with Serenity - our travelling companions as we made our way south from the Bahamas.  So nice to see them again!

When Cate gets back next weekend we will watch the weather and start to head south.  Not sure how far we'll get.  Let's see what the weather brings!

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