Monday, January 18, 2016

Green Island

So, while waiting for Cate to get back from Kelowna we decided to explore the east side of Antigua.  We haven't been there before and have always wanted to.  The problem is getting there.  Going east is no fun.  The wind is from the east and beating into the wind is what causes people to sell their boats.  

So with low winds predicted we decided to give it a go and it was easy-peasy.  In a couple of hours we were entering Nonsuch Bay and found some moorings near Green Island.


Our latest adventures
Green Island was interesting... nice, free moorings and kite surfers everywhere.  The snorkeling has been disappointing.  Too much fine sand in the water so visibility has been a challenge. 

Helping Single Handed Sid with the mooring. Tried to get $20. Got squat.
Sid's Awesome Juice
Had a "Welcome to Green Island" party on Blue Pearl.  Entertainment provided by Bruce and Glen.  As usual I got better and better as the night and drinks wore on.  Pam says I was belligerent but I think it was a slip of the tongue.  She meant brilliant!

Brilliant singing
Showing off
Bruce works hard at his music, during cruising season and back at home in Nova Scotia and it shows.  He has some wonderful tuneage and knows the history of many of the shanties he performs.  It's fun to learn from him.

Appreciative audience
We moved over to Emerald Cove, farther in Nonsuch Bay and Sid joined Bruce and Colleen for a hike out to Devil's Bridge and Long Beach.  We would have joined them... except hiking took second place to another coat of varnish and long naps.

OH NO, Quest is sinking!
No... she's fine
Cheaper and faster than a sailboat
Contrasts - sailing dinghies in front of mega-yachts
Great Burgers at Sweet T's
Need a helicopter because...

Quest anchored - Med moor - in English Harbour. 
We helped Sid move Quest over to English Harbour so when Cate arrived she would see the majesty of Nelson's Dockyard with Quest moored at the quay.  Sid did an amazing job of maneuvering Quest into position with the help of anchorwoman Pam and stern-tie-throwing Glen.  We are moderately impressed.

Coming up tomorrow

Heading out tomorrow for France (Guadaloupe.)  Baguettes, cheese, rabbit pate, moules, wine, box rum and all the other weird and wonderful things we find in the grocery stores.  Plus I get to help everyone around since I'm the only one fluent in French!  Woopeee.  Or as we say in French... Zut Alors!!!

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