Thursday, January 7, 2016

As Kurt Vonnegut often said… and so it goes!

We are back in Antigua after a wonderful Christmas Season home with the kids and friends.  So much fun… so much love… so much cold!

When we arrived back south we quickly met up with Sid and Cate and we’ve been enjoying lazy days together.  Cate is flying home to see family and friends soon so we will be touring Antigua mostly with Sid.  They have friends coming down later in February so they will do Antigua properly with Cate at that time.  Not sure what we will do.

We had anticipated spending a couple of weeks here in early January with Don and Pat but stuff got in the way so we will reschedule. 

Quest at Five Islands

Coming ashore at Bo's Beach


Watch out for the Blow Hole

We’ve been trying to come up with a cruising season plan with Sid and Cate but all of us are so ambivalent that we aren’t clear on how things will progress.  We will likely spend the next 2 weeks (weather depending) around Antigua and then head south.  How far south?  Who knows.  I think the plan is to haul back here in April of 2016.

Pam and I are remembering fondly our Bahama days.  We would like to get back there in the next year or so.


Stormy clouds... water for our tanks?
Before we head north, we want to re-connect with our Grenada friends, see Gary and Donna (Page 1) in Carriacou and spend some time in the Grenadines.  So how to sort this out is beyond us.  Maybe we will just let the weather decide where and when we go.

In the meantime we enjoy the warm weather and the camaraderie of our cruising family.


  1. Pictures look great. Say "Hi" to Sid (I don't think we have met Cate but Hi to her as well). So ... is Bo's Beach related to Sid's Bo? Hope the marine radio experiment went well.

    Still January chilly here at home. Will be skiing this week.

    1. Bo's Beach is Sid's dog's beach - Mr. Bo Jangles.

      Radio is great... calling folks in Tierra del Fuego!

      Cate gets back in a week. Then we will be heading south to at least St. Lucia. Not sure after that if we head all the way to Grenada or back here to North Sound for the summer.

      Have fun skiing.

  2. Nice to see you looking so relaxed, Pam! Great picture ;)

  3. Yes, the sunshine looks so relaxing. Enjoy your time with Sid and say hi from us.


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