Sunday, April 5, 2015

Scott and Tina in Antigua

Scott and Tina are our first guests to visit us in Antigua.

We've been thinking that Antigua would be good for guests since there are lots of interesting places close by so we don't have to endure any long distance slogs.  There are a series of lovely anchorages and the history in Falmouth and English Harbours is great.

We loaded them up and got them settled in - the boys eagerly anticipating shellacking the girls at team crib.  Over the course of the week the boys did manage to eke out a 1 game victory but both Pam and Tina had some astounding hands.  I can't figure out how Pam continues to get such great cuts.  I'm pretty sure she cheats... I just can't figure out her system.

New crew!
After a morning trip to the market in St. John's for a week's worth of delicious grapefruits, bananas and other delights, we headed up to Deep Bay, less than an hour from Jolly Harbour.  Deep Bay has a shallow wreck on which you can snorkel and a good hoof up to an old gun battery at Fort Barrington.  The trek up to the fort was good but the snorkelling was disappointing.  The water was way too murky.  (As an aside, fellow Packeteer, Hayden just posted to his blog with snorkelling pictures from the Bahamas.  Now that's good snorkelling!!!)  In fact, the water in most places we tried was cloudy with the powdery white sand we see on the beaches.

Ran into Harry and Maryke from Aurora - an IP 380.  We've cruised with them in the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands and now down here!

Blue Pearl and Aurora

Harry and Maryke get some of Oma's zudekoek (sp?)

Master and Commander
We attempted to go north and east up to Great Bird Island but we were motoring into a steady 25 knots of wind with gusts to 35 so we decided that Great Bird will have to wait for another time and headed back to Five Islands Bay.

The sail around to Falmouth was good... until we had to motor the last 5 miles heading into the east wind.  Got the batteries all charged up, though.

Falmouth is amazing with it's gargantuan mega yachts... boy, some people have a lot of money.

Big boy with toys

Heading off to hike Middle Ground - between Falmouth and English Harbours

Breeze break

Rude cactus - happy to see us?

Yachts in English Harbour

Another breeze break

Cool roof in the church in Parham

Devil's Bridge

Sadly for us, Scott and Tina left yesterday to continue on their odyssey with kids and grandkids in Mexico.

What a great visit!   Dumped them off at this place... the Hermitage Bay Resort in Five Islands Bay and they walked through the grounds to connect with a taxi.  Very fancy.  About $1300 per night.  We won't be staying there.


And we are left to contemplate the final bit of our 2014/2015 season.  On with the adventures!

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