Monday, April 13, 2015

Back in Jumby Bay

After Scott and Tina left, the plan was to head over to Montserrat.  Now Montserrat is known to be rolly so the conditions have to be just so.  And then there is the matter of getting back to Antigua.  When we had originally planned to haul out south that wasn’t an issue but now… to get back to Antigua we either need a really low wind day or we need to tack as close to the wind as we can.  Given that the winds have been really huge and the seas are up, it wasn’t a hard decision to leave Montserrat for next year on our way south.

So, instead of hanging around here enlarging our livers, we decided to cut our time short and head home to our cute little children and grandchildren.
We are anchored about a mile from the haul-out
Now, our main salon floor has really taken a beating lately and it makes me crazy every time I look at it.  So as a pre-haul-out project I stripped the old varnish, sanded and put on new varnish.  It is making me crazy.  I can’t seem to get the perfect finish that Winfield got when he did our exterior teak last year.
Ugly salon floor


More stripping before sanding

Sanded, cleaned with oxalic acid, teak cleaner, TSP


Test coat

First coat
So I continue to sand, re-apply with different consistencies and fret and hate the whole look.  Tomorrow will be the 3rd coat and I’m desperate for it to come up sparkling.

Along with varnish, tomorrow we will drop and fold the jib and staysail, clean and seal off the forward head and generally tidy up.  

Murphy will get stripped of his new chaps and motor and we will clean out the little anchor locker prior to his storage INSIDE a building near where we haul.  Wooooopeeeeee!  Luxury accommodations for Murphy.

We haul Tuesday morning and then we treat ourselves to living on the boat on the hard for 4 nights.  We have a list of things to get done but we’ve given ourselves plenty of time to fit it all in.

We’re anchored off beautiful Jumby Bay - blazing internet.  Thought we might bring the kids down and rent one.  There are some cheaper ones for about $6000 per night.  We’d likely need two.

Perhaps out of our range?
Just around the corner... should spend the day there tomorrow.
Or maybe here!

We’ll let you know about boatyard life in a couple of days.


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  1. Fantastic job on the cabin sole, nice work. That is a real pain to do. Looks like another grat year is wrapping up. We will head out the Bahamas May 1-15 timeframe. Maybe next year we will sail your way.
    Hayden and Radeen


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