Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Jabsco Junk

Grrrr.  Not happy, Jabsco.

This has been a bad pump year.  In a previous post I mentioned that our variable speed pump - about 4 years old - gave up the ghost but, smart me, I had a spare.  Installed the spare and it didn’t work as well.  According to them, the Sensor Max 17 technology was prone to failure.  And since my unused-out-of-the-box spare was dated… no warranty.

Fast forward a couple of months and I’m fiddling with through-hulls to exercise them and the Jabsco Macerator Waste Pump fell apart.  The 4 bolts that hold it together rotted and, even though the components seem to be in good order, the pump needs to be replaced.  This time, our spare worked so we are good with poop.  Last replaced the macerator 5 years ago.

Bolts at lower left are all supposed to be the same length

Now, cleaning the boat after a passage with our Jabsco Par Max 4 Washdown Pump, the breaker started clicking… had a look and the pump has fallen apart.  This time it appears that the plastic that secures the bolt that holds it together has broken.  This one is three years old.

The components inside look brand new... brushes not even broken in yet.
So that’s 4 Jabsco pump failures this year.  And they don’t come cheap.  I’ve supported Jabsco to the tune of well over a $1000 very recently and I’m having to replace it all.

Is pump replacement supposed to be a 3 to 5 year cycle?

Or, time to give a competitor a try?


  1. Save the pressure switch from the Parmax - replacement switch is about 75% of the cost of a new pump!

  2. Just checking. Last comment didn't publish and I don't want to go through the thought process or writing this comment for it not to be published.

  3. Okay. I have just purchased the domain I am very disappointed. I spent $500 on a Jabsco pump and I only want others NOT to make the same mistake that you and I have made. My issue is not the well known pressure switch issue that Jabsco has. I sent my pump to Depco (Clear Water Florida) twice (Got it back the first time and mounted it to find out that it did not work) but, they were great to work with, however, I can't keep sending a pump back every year once or twice unless I just want to quit fishing because I find fixing my pump more enjoyable than fishing. If I can post your comments on how HORRIBLE Jabsco is. Please send me the comments and I will post ( May take me two or three days to get the site up. I'll be contacting the Better Business Bureau about Jabsco tomorrow also.


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