Thursday, February 6, 2014

In Grenada

We are enjoying a lovely holiday dockside at the posh Port Louis Marina in Grenada!

After clearing out of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, we made our way to the lovely Sandy Island for lunch and a swim... but cut the swim to make sure we could clear in to Grenada before the 4 PM Customs closing time.

Enjoying a fruit melange in Clifton before leaving

Fruits and vegetables everywhere

Back to the beautiful Blue Pearl, anchored off Frigate Island

We arrived in Carriacou in time to clear in, have a great swim and enjoy several malt beverages with looooonnnnng time friends, Gary and Donna.  Back to the boat and after a spirited game of crib we enjoyed a wonderful dinner and then a blissful rest in calm Tyrrel Bay.

The next morning, Glen and Don took our boarding ladder over to Dominic the welder to re-fasten a weld that broke when Glen was boarding the boat.  Glen insists it was a faulty weld and poor rust management by Pam.  Pam thinks Glen needs to lose a few pounds.
Dominic's workshop

Dominic said he could have it done after lunch so we returned to the boat for a swim to work up our appetite for lunch at the Slipway.  Great lunch, tuna salads for Glen, Pam and Pat and a burger with no mayonnaise for Don.  After lunch, Dominic was not around so with directions from Gary and Donna we headed off for a bus adventure through Hillsborough to Windward.

The metropolis of Windward was fascinating but after 5 minutes we had completed our tour and found a bus to head back for a short walk-about Hillsborough and back to the Blue Pearl.
Windward fishing boat under construction

Gary had kindly picked up the ladder for us so all we needed to do was re-install it back on the boat.  He made some very unkind remarks about Glen's forgetfulness (forgot a pair of glasses... ) and passed on Dominic's comments on Pam's stainless steel management.

We left at 8 the next morning for St. Georges and had a terrific sail down, getting within 5 miles before the wind died down to nothing and we motored into port.  Delicious curry conch a al Glen for dinner.
Captain Pat

Haulin' the freight!
Pat beating the living daylights out of our lambi (conch)

On the obligatory Cutty tour today we met some very interesting couples.  British folks David and Elaine; Jeff and Jo have sailed their boats across the pond and make our wild adventures look like child's play.  Jeremy and Jamie have been living on their boat for 5 years and are leaving the boat here to start work on renovations on their newly purchased place in Tuscany.  YOLO couples... all of them.

Independence Day parade

Independence Day tomorrow!

Rum punch at the Monkey Bar

More to follow... this is a great adventure!

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