Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Good to be Canadian

Sailing down here in the Caribbean we are proud to be Canadians... and we check our flag all the time for wear.  Replace it when it gets worn.  We check in on other Canadian boats in case they know someone we know.

We want folks to know we are Canadian for all the good reasons....

We are polite
We are solid
We say "eh" way to much, eh?
We avoid conflict
Our banks rocked during the recent financial meltdown
Our beer is awesome
We like cheese
We are politically boring
We love the fact that we have universal health care... and that an emergency heart operation happens and doesn't cost a house - although sometimes we wish our knee and hip replacements didn't take so long
For the most part, we aren't alarmists... we get vaccinated, generally like our school system and don't build bomb shelters - except the exceptional Diefenbunker

We are awesome at hockey

It's good to be Canadian.

So... it sucks when the park ranger in some remote bit in the Tobago Cays in St. Vincent and the Grenadines wants to know what we think of the Mayor of Toronto.

We aren't used to apologizing for Canadian behaviour.

edit: I forgot about guns!!!  Most of us don't even own one... and most decidedly wouldn't shoot anyone if we did!


  1. I love your list of Canadian attributes and I am posting them (with a link all proper) in my blog. Let me know if you don't approve.

    1. It really wasn't a definitive or well thought out list... just spur of the moment when the park ranger wanted to know about our nefarious mayor.


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