Thursday, February 20, 2014

Carriacou Concert

Last year when we were in Carriacou, Kimani Marley was performing but we were too lazy to make arrangements to see him.  This year we were determined not to miss the concert when the Carriacou Music Academy announced that they would perform under the mango tree.

Under the Mango Tree
It was awesome.  Kids played African Drums and then showed their skills on the drum set.  Then we had “Turkey in the Straw” and “Oh Susannah” on the violin.  The highlight of the afternoon was the guitar class as they put together some group songs and individual efforts.

African drums

And more...
and more!
Guitar class

Mrs. Raymond plays the church organ but she is expanding her repetoire
Any time there is a celebration in Grenada the national dish, Oildown is a requirement.

Regular (with pig tail, fish, etc) or vegetarian

Yummmmmmm - Gary is envious

It was a nice way to finish up our stay in Carriacou.  Next morning we headed back down to the south of Grenada to tidy the boat up prior to our visit home.  The sail down was exhilarating and we coasted into the anchorage in St. Georges in less than 5 hours.  It seemed pretty rolly so we opted for another hour and a half motor around to Mount Hartman. 

Glen continues to diagnose the problems with the refrigeration… think we might have it now.  We have a dead compressor speed controller and a failing compressor motor controller.  We’ll get that checked out when we get home and bring back the goodies to fix it.

The Blue Pearl is tucked away under the watchful eye of George of Survival Anchorage.  We are on our way home for time with grandkids, kids and friends.


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