Sunday, October 27, 2013

On our way back south...

Well... that was quick.  Seems like we just left!

We are sitting in the airport lounge in Miami (with a 10 hour layover we decided to buck up and spend our time in the American Airlines lounge) anticipating our reunion with the Blue Pearl... and reminiscing on our great summer home.
Nice Socks!

We had a terrific summer back home in Canada.  The weather was spectacular and we had amazing times with family and friends.  British Columbia is one of the most gorgeous spots on earth in the summer when the weather cooperates - and this year was one of the best.

One of the problems of returning south is that we won't be enjoying immersion with our family and friends so ... we are changing our plans this year.  Six months is too long to be away from our awesome grandchildren so we are heading home to visit... twice.  Luckily we are fabulously wealthy so these 4000 mile, two day excursions won't be a financial burden.

November is typically awful in Vancouver so we will spend that time in sunny Grenada tinkering on the boat and enjoying the heat.  We will return home for an extended Christmas holiday.  Then back south in the New Year for 8 weeks... and then back home for a healthy dose of grandchildren... before returning for the spring in the south.

On top of that, we are expecting visits from at least 4 couples and some family.  So with visits home and visits from home - we will hardly be alone at all.

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