Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Exploring Saint Martin

When we woke up our first morning, the big surge had started from the north.  Fifteen foot swells were coming into the harbour.  In his dreams, Glen was enjoying the rocking - Pam was not enjoying watching other boats surfing.  So before coffee, we started Yan Diesel and headed around to the bridge.  This time it was working and we joined a line of 8 boats seeking refuge from the surge into the lagoon.  Easy and secure anchoring in the lagoon.

Met up with Andy and Isabella, cruising partners from last year who travelled down with us from the Bahamas.  Very cool to meet up with people with whom we have so much in common.

We need to spend some time explaining this two country/one island thing.  It's kind of weird.  We can't move the big boat from side to side… but we can scoot here and there with the dinghy.

On our way to some natty seaside restaurant for lunch and internet on the Dutch side we met an interesting couple (French?) who wanted to tell us about all the cool things to see here.  They told us McDonalds was THE place to do internet so we walked past the natty restaurant to McDs.  On our way in the door, Pam stooped over and picked up $40 lying on the parking lot.  A guy had just past us so we asked him if he had dropped some money.  He tried desperately to think that he had… but in the end… he hadn't .  So Pam won the lottery…. and bought Glen a Big Mac.

The French couple told us that we HAD to see the KLM 747 landing at Maho Beach so we set that as a priority. 

We took a bus ($1.50) into Phillipsburg to see the cruise ship base.  Saw litre bottles of Dalwhinnie for $40 in the duty-free stores.  Sucks to be you, Scott!  Had a great wander about and found a funky local/chinese restaurant off the beaten path!  Great stuff!!!  Back to the boat for a snooze and then $1.25 Happy Hour beers at Barnacles.  

Our kind of beach

Cruise ships... beautiful beaches

Spelling mistake?

Random scenery photo


Going through the Dutch bridge

A morning Bloody Mary... necessary for internet
 Next day we did some morning boat maintenance and then off to Maho Beach to watch the KLM landing.

Plane spotters

My middle name is Danger
More on Saint Martin as we continue to explore!!!

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