Friday, November 9, 2012

Virgin Island Tour

We rented a car from the airport on Monday and toured St.Thomas.  We knew Don and Pat would like to see the sights but it was also cool for us to zoom around at speeds greater than 5 knots and see all the great sights from the lookouts high up on the hills.
Carigas Bar near Budget Marine

Not a bad view ... Charlotte Amalie

Unsavory characters

Looking over Magen's Bay - Tortola in the distance

We left on Tuesday for St. John, stopping along the way at Christmas Cove, St. James Island to have a snorkel.  We saw spotted eagle rays and sting rays along with lots of different fish.  Barry the Barracuda was about 4 feet long - quite intimidating when you don't see him until you look up beside you about 5 feet away.

We spent a nice night in Francis Bay - Don and Pat were in the water most of the day.  We took some time to do a hike that took us past the ruins of an old plantation.  The next day we went around the corner to Leinster Bay near WaterLemon Cay.  We snorkelled (Glen napped) and hiked up to the ruins of an old sugar mill.
Cooling off in Francis Bay, St. John

Annaberg Sugar Mill, St. John

Dolphin spotting....
On Thursday we cleared into the British Virgin Islands at Soper's Hole.  We won't complain too much about the process - filling in the same information on 3 different forms and not reacting badly when they told you not to abbreviate CANADA to CAN.  A quick dinghy ride across the harbour took us to the Pusser's store where our wonderful children had arranged for a case of rum to be waiting for the boat - Glen's 60th birthday present.  
A whole case of headaches

Sopers Hole
Later in the day we left Sopers for White Bay on Jost van Dyke and the Soggy Dollar Bar for Painkillers before heading to our hot, hot beds.  Very muggy night.

Soggy Dollar Bar - called this for the wet money used to buy drinks after swimming to shore

Enjoying Painkillers

Drying out soggy dollars

Where next?

Callwood's Rum Distillery

Today is Glen's birthday so Don and Pat treated for lunch in Cane Garden Bay.  We are enjoying internet (can hardly wait to find out who won the election) and cooling off in the bay.  Tomorrow we go somewhere else… not sure where.  We need to learn how to plan!


  1. Happy Happy 60th Birthday, Glen! Hi Pam! I'm just home from work and your day is probably over by now, so I hope your headache is manageable tomorrow, sorry I'm late! Thanks for keeping us posted; you're certainly 'living in the moment', look forward to your next adventure. Lotsa love, Donna.

  2. Happy Birthday Glen! Hi Pam! I am looking forward to following your adventures again this year!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday, 6 months from now that will be me. I know I certainly don't think of myself as old, although the odd aches & pains sometimes beg to differ, but nothing that a warm caribbean swim couldn't cure. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy every adventure waiting to happen.

  4. Hi Glen & Pam, I'm just talking to your mom and we're figuring out how she can put in comments.

  5. Pam, where is your final destination? Hoping we get to see you along the way!

  6. Awwww Happy belated Birthday Glen :) Love seeing you guys in the Virgins :) and exploring!


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