Wednesday, November 14, 2012


We just dropped Don and Pat off at the Soper's Hole ferry to Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas after a delightful trip around the islands.  As you can tell from our SPOT fixes, we went from Jost van Dyke (and the bubbly pools) to Cane Garden Bay to Marina Cay (there is a movie about Marina Cay starring Sidney Portier) to the Baths on Virgin Gorda to Norman Island and then back here to Sopers.

We've developed our own recipe for Painkillers with orange and pineapple juice, cream of coconut, nutmeg and rum.  That helped us a lot with our oversupply of Pussers rum.  Even Don had seconds!

View from the top of Marina Cay

Local guy selling fresh fruit and vegetables at outrageous prices

Taking the pain out of schlumulligan

Enjoying the shade

The Baths

An elderly couple we met there

Blue Pearl in the background
Except for yesterday, we were in the water several times each day to snorkel, cool off and do daily ablutions.  It's impossible to keep up with the Macdonalds in the water.  They are like fish and it encourages us to swim more.

So now they are off to continue their Caribbean vacation exploring Puerto Rico.

Today we are tackling the mundane… defrosting the fridge, taking out the garbage, replacing broken screws, cutting Glen's shaggy mane and getting a good charge on the ship's batteries.  

Over the next few days we will try to head east to explore the north end of Virgin Gorda and maybe Anegada.  We'll see!


  1. That elderly couple looked friendly.

  2. You Are in the best place fire the entire Caribbean do font tush on out of there. When you get to the Bitter End Yacht Club you will have found the best. Enjoy".

  3. So envious of all of the new beautiful sights that you are able to share with the McD's......just brings on a smile of appreciation!

    love char in Puerto Morelos and Miguel in Mt. Lehman!


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