Thursday, April 5, 2012

Brad visits sv Blue Pearl

We picked up Brad at the airport in St. Thomas and whipped around to Brewers Bay to get out of the surge.  Great to see The Boy!

Swimming in the USVI
We had some good swims, toured through St. Thomas harbour and then headed up to Caneel Bay on St. John.  Too much surge and wake from the ferries so we moved up a bit to Hawksnest.  We’ve enjoyed showing Brad the big boats, the great scenery and the wonderful anchorages.  We cleared into the BVI on his birthday, April 3.

When he got to Brad's passport, the customs man said, “His birthday today!”  Glen mentioned something about buying birthday rum and he actually smiled!

Painkillers at Pussers

the dessert menu

Really - $7.95???

Went all out and got him a pool noodle for his birthday!
Dark and Stormies - Barritts Ginger Beer and Pussers

Mmmm mmmm good!
Callwoods Rum
We sailed to the obligatory Sandy Cay and then to Great Harbour so we could have a birthday dinner at Foxies.  The next day we went back past Sandy Cay to Cane Garden Bay to pick up some Callwoods Rum!

PR boats lining up for the partay!!!

We’ve been at Normans for the past two nights.  Today has been amazing as the Puerto Rican Navy settles in for maneuvers.  Must be a holiday in PR – ‘cause all the boats are here.
We are planning more adventures in the BVI and then hopefully the wind will pick up for our sail to St. Croix. 
Sailors… always complaining about the wind.  Too much… not enough!


  1. Sounds wonderful, wish I was there! Smooth sailing. Patti

  2. You really show your friends and family a great time and you also really take care of them. I liked the Dark n Stormies PLUS the asprin...good idea! The USVI and BVIs are some beautiful cruising grounds. It is Easter Break so the PR navy will be for it!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Brad! What a great way to start another year, have a wonderful holiday. See you all in May!

  4. Happy Birthday! Brad.
    Our newest little guy, Mitchell William Inman will share this Birthday day with you!!!

    Enjoy those lazee dayz!


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