Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blue Pearl Shutdown Checklist

This is our Shutdown Checklist with responsibilities divided between Glen and Pam.  Pam disagreed with some of this and so we are having another look at the division of labour.
  1. empty water tank - Pam
  2. fill fuel tank - Pam
  3. remove sails/sail covers - Pam
  4. remove canvas - Pam
  5. open bilge through-hull - Pam
  6. flush holding tank - Pam
  7. clean/hoist/tarp dinghy - Pam
  8. secure/service outboard - Pam
  9. remove bullet wifi radio - Pam
  10. liquor cabinet maintenance - Glen
  11. defrost/clean fridge - Pam
  12. dispose of perishable food items - Pam
  13. disconnect batteries - Pam
  14. remove solar panels - Pam
  15. remove chartplotter - Pam
  16. protect instrument panels - Pam
  17. porthole covers - Pam
  18. clean interior teak with vinegar and water - Pam
  19. clean toilets - Pam
  20. laundry Pam
  21. change engine oil - Pam
  22. service generator - Pam
  23. UV wax cabin top - Pam
  24. Pest proof (Formaldahyde) the cabin - Pam
  25. Protect through-hulls from pests - Pam
  26. Remove prop for maintenance - Pam
  27. Hurricane straps - Pam
Sails off, canvas still on for shade.  It's 97F - little breeze.


  1. Charlotte was beginning to think the division ol labour was unequal and was getting quite verbal until she saw the liquor cabinet maintenance . After being with Glen fo 10 days she realized what a substantial job that would be. Personally I think he should change the engine oil.

  2. OMG that's a ton of work but that is the process and those without boats have missed all this fun. And they think its all cocktails and sunsets. Congrats on another great year.

  3. LOL No way! Pam & I will take care of the liquor cabinet LOL


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