Thursday, January 12, 2012

Movin' on

We’ve been back on the Blue Pearl for a week now.  Blair and family seemed to enjoy themselves and they left the Blue Pearl sparkling.  We are anxious to get underway but we have to wait for a part to arrive from the US.  We are drinking coffee and tapping our fingers, waiting for Customs to open.
We will head to Conception Island – part of the National Park system and then on to Rum Cay.  There is a blow predicted for Sunday/Monday and we will weather that in the lee of Rum – while drinking same.  Then we make a long run to Mayaguana.  That will be our first overnighter.  It is 120 miles and there isn’t much in between.  After that comes the Turks and Caicos Islands.
T&C sounds interesting.  Folks who have been there talk about the GREAT grocery stores and the amazing 5 star hotels.  We will spend a few days there staging for our run down to the Dominican Republic.
During our week back we’ve spent time walking, exploring and socializing.  It has been enjoyable but we are getting itchy feet.  It is time to move on!
Sunset in George Town

Exploring Beaches

What can I get you?

Pam's handiwork

More baskets

Sing along

Weaving loons


  1. It was so good to see everyone at the wake for Uncle Carl and it is great to follow along on your sailing adventures once again. There is snow this morning and I long for the warmth, sun, sand and sea. Patti

  2. We have snow in Vancouver too, with a week of more of the same in the forecast! Looking forward to hearing about (and following along with your spot) as you head to Mayaguana!


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