Monday, January 2, 2012

Home for the holidays

We enjoyed a fabulous holiday visit home. Glen's family did his dad proud as they traveled from all over the country to attend his wake. We enjoyed a few drinks, food and wonderful memories. So good to see everyone and so grateful for their company.

The rest of the holiday revolved around visits with friends and family and Adventures with Jackson - our energetic two-year-old grandson. We enjoyed the opportunity of getting up early with him to give his mother a chance to sleep-in for a change. It seemed, however that Jackson made the most of the opportunity by getting up earlier every day. We finally rebelled when he started calling for us to play at 4:30 AM.

We had adventures in Vancouver on the Stanley Park Christmas Train, around home and up at the Last Resort at the Manning Park ski hill.  We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Day at home with all of our kids.

Now it is time to head back south. During our visit home, Blue Pearl has been cared for by good sailing buddies. They are rebuilding their own Kelly Peterson 44 from the hull up and so they know boat systems inside and out.  Maybe they can figure out why the microwave starts when we use the single-side-band radio.

I have asked them to share their "guest blog" and hopefully that will follow soon.

Glen and Pam - en route back to sv Blue Pearl in the Sky Lounge in Salt Lake City

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