Sunday, January 15, 2012

Best holiday EVER!

Hi all, we’re the Frasers,

Simon, Sharon, Blair, Lauren and Erin.

We pulled the best babysitting gig ever, as Pam and Glen kindly invited us to stay on Blue Pearl whilst they went home for Christmas. Lauren came from Toronto, Simon came from Ucluelet, Sharon and Blair from White Rock, and Erin came all the way from Osaka, Japan.

Blair was there alone for a few days. So the day after Pam and Glen left he invited a few locals over.

Just kidding. He did errands and went for walk exploring Stocking Island.  From the top of Monument Hill took a picture of Blue Pearl (closest to shore). Simon was the last to arrive, and as the weather was ideal, we headed up north.

So, we were coming to anchor in Rudder Cut Cay (just south of Musha Cay – home to the rich and famous David Copperfield) and this power boat passes us. A lady is waving from the aft of the boat, points to herself and says they are from White Rock! They live a few blocks from us – go figure huh?! Small world.

So we had Christmas Day Breakfast tucked into a picturesque cove. Pancakes, bacon, eggs, sun, heat, and blue water.

A day later we headed up to Staniel Cay to Big Majors Cay – affectionately known as the “Pigs” because there are some enterprising pigs that swim out to our dingies etc. and receive food!

We stayed in the “Pigs” for two nights, until the wind changed and came from the west (bad for most anchorages in the Bahamas). So we headed back down (with a stop at Little Farmer’s Cay) to Georgetown.

There was a sailing regatta on. We took the dingy out to one of the turnaround markers and had a great time watching the boats make the turn. As they tacked (made the turn) the crew ducked under the huge sail boom as it swung over, then pull these planks across the boat, then scrambled out on them! This happened very fast, with much yelling and cursing and laughing.

We celebrated “cruisers” New Years – which is 10:00pm – cause its REALLY hard to stay awake that long! The next evening though,we put together a beach snack and had sundowners.

All too soon it was sundown on our trip. We had a great time, and thanks to Glen and Pam for trusting us with Blue Pearl. DAYS of travel yet to come to get everybody home – but that’s another story.
Bye all!

P.S. We couldn’t figure out why the Microwave started every time the SSB radio went on – hell we couldn’t even make the damn thing work – all we got out of it was a time signal!!!

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  1. this sounds like a dream vacation and adventure. Congrsts on taking care of the Pearl.


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