Sunday, November 13, 2011

On to Stuart!

We are in the final days of our preparations before we leave for the Bahamas.  We’ve got the plumbing work done.  We’ve put in the new refrigeration system.  Now that we are in the water we’ve been able to get the sails back on, canvas up, solar panels functioning, lines and sheets where they are supposed to go.  We’ve filled up with water, we are provisioned.
Happy Shopper
This will last a while!
Now we are looking at our lists to decide what to do, what to postpone and what to forget.
We moved to Stuart today.  We are looking forward to wandering around the town – Pam is aware of a couple of consignment stores that might have baby clothes and toys.
There is a weather window for next week – light winds, not from the north that might allow us to cross.  Once we cross, we’re not sure of our route.  We need to be in Georgetown by early December but how we get there will depend on weather and circumstances.
Looks like we are ready to move!

Sewing bumper covers.

Putting up the dodger.
New fridge compressor and Glen's size 11

Checking out the guard dog.

Through the St. Lucie Lock to Stuart!

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  1. Looks like you are fully back up and running. Congrats! Hey....your stack pack had to be made by the same guy who made mine. Doyle Caribbean cause the logo is like mine...bright GOLD...very cool!


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