Friday, November 4, 2011

Oh Bliss – we are in the water!!!

For the last week we’ve been climbing our ladder to get in and out – making sure we don’t run into Bob – as he works to change out the septic holding tank and lines.  He was like Sheldon the Painter on Murphy Brown – woke us up in the morning, putted around, cut, painted, glued, ripped out, installed and gave us advice.  Nice guy – at $500 per day.
Old refrigeration

More old refrigeration - holding plate - heavy
So Bob did the septic, we ripped out the old refrigeration, put canvas back on, negotiated with our seat cushion guy and did odd jobs.  Pam set up her Sailrite and fixed up our sheet bags (bags that hang in the companionway to tidy up the halyards and sheets ) and also fixed a rip in our new canvas.   Glen dithers.
Costco goodies
When we got sick of hanging out with Bob we did our Costco and Walmart runs and did $$$ of provisioning. 
Lots of interesting characters at the marina office/lounge.  Every day at noon and again at 6 or so people gather to chat and compare notes.  There are really interesting folks doing amazing work on their boats.  Some are in and out of the yard quickly – some are working on projects that will take months or even years.
In this heat, beer starts calling before noon.  At home, we have a beer once a week or when we are out golfing or fishing.  A case of beer can last a week or so – unless we get a visit from Don and Pat.  But, at about 10:30, visions of a cold, frosty glass start to overpower, the work slows down and hands start to shake.  Pam suggested trying water but Glen isn’t buying.
 Anyway, we finally got our through-hull installed, the prop nut replaced and so there was no reason to remain in the dreaded work yard.  So we are launched!!! Wooopeeee!  This boat belongs in the water. 
Home - mind the stairs
Getting out of the work yard!

Almost there!
Folks enjoyed Glen’s demonstration of all that can go wrong in backing up an Island Packet but they soon got bored after 7 or 8 attempts and started to offer help and advice.  We moved the boat from the travel lift to slip #12 where we plugged in that great yellow dock-line (the power cord) and fired up the air conditioning.
Got the new cushions so we are sitting in luxury – and chaos.  This years’ guests will be so amazed at the classy ultra-leather. 
Happy Hour
So, Pam chips away at the bright-work getting ready to reapply Cetol, Glen pretends to know a lot about refrigeration and we bob gently in slip #12.   
Pass the beer!


  1. Sitting herein Mesa, in the middle of a dust storm, having BBQ'D pork chops and greek salad wondering how Pam and Glen are doing? Check in with the Blue Pearl
    blog and discover you are having a great time like us! So hard to leave the kids but thankful for google video chat! Loving being back in the sun, with so many friends, and the simple life. Enjoy the winter, the sun and water, I know we will!
    Linda & Larry

  2. Love the look of the new upholstery. We envy your sun and warmth already. Look forward to reading about the crossing.


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