Thursday, November 10, 2022

Pam Arrives! Woot, woot!!!

Hello Dear Readers,

I hope November has been good to you so far!

There has been progress on many fronts leading up to Pam's arrival on my 70th birthday, November 9th.

Left North Sound solo on Thursday, November 3.

Bye bye North Sound

Well hello Jolly Harbout

Landing at JH was fun. I radioed ahead that I was coming in solo and would need someone to help with the lines. The Dockmaster said he was working alone so good luck with that. Got in near the docks and dropped Murphy the Dinghy so he wasn't in the way to back into the dock. While I was doing that the Dockmaster found a yard worker and dropped him on the boat to throw lines. So we backed in, tied up and Bob's your uncle. Uncle Bob!

Headed over to the Epicurean Grocery Store and bought essentials for lunch.

Fried chicken, sauerkraut and beer!!! Mmmmmmm

Hooked up to power, turned on the AC and set about installing all the new parts to make Blue Pearl whole again!

Cleaned out the battery compartment and hooked in the new Victron Lynx power distributor. Don't even get me going on this lovely unit. Also, built a brilliant new battery box for the new starter battery near the engine.

Clean and shiny and most of these wires disappear

Lynx Power Distributor. This is a beast!

New starter battery box.

Got the propane repaired so I can make dinner!

Last year the propane system died and leaked away all our propane so I installed a new regulator and new hoses and we are back in business. Who wants spaghetti with sausage for dinner?! I do!!!

Got the new starter battery in place and checked it out. Engine starts like a dream and the alternator is charging it like a champ!

New starter battery in place

And then, when I didn't think it could get any better... Pam arrived at JH November 9th. In time to celebrate my 50th birthday! Whoop, whoop. What a great day! Did I say 50th? Will check the calendar.

My partner

Boat Scotch

My favorite sister, Donna, had Pam bring along a $2000 bottle of scotch for my 70th. Money well spent. I think that's what it cost.

Yachtie dinner at the Curry House

And then we had dinner with yachtie friends and they carried me around the restaurant on their shoulders 3 times singing Happy Birthday and He's a Jolly Good Roger. So I'm told.

Installed a new thingamajig to help charge the batteries while we are motoring. 

DC to DC Lithium Battery Charger

And I still need to connect the solar panels and dedicated windlass battery.  That'll happen tomorrow and Saturday. Getting help with putting the sails on in a few days and then a little last minute fiddling and tidying and we should be good to go for a little cruise. 

Heading out for the Panama Canal, whoot whoot! (Not happening says Pam!)

All the best!


  1. Wow, you have been busy and accomplished lots. You must be happy with your progress so far.

  2. Hi Glen & Pam
    Sounds like you accomplished much of your initial list. Glad the new batteries and other equipment are installed and working well. Probably was a challenge getting all that new equipment into such small spaces. Hope you and Pam have a great cruise with all systems working well.
    Diana and I are back from a week in Nuevo Vallarta: fun in the sun and lots of good Mexican eats.
    Happy 70th Glen, hope you enjoyed your scotch.

  3. What a great birthday celebration. Would have loved to see the photo of you on their shoulders. You have been a very busy worker, well done.

    1. I might have made the part about the shoulders up.

    2. What brand batteries did you use and how did you make the bank?

    3. Eve cells from Docan Power. And I watched this video 1000 times and followed his method - with an Overkill Solar BMS.


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