Sunday, February 2, 2020

Back to Antigua

Well Faithful Reader,
I've almost got you caught up on the continuing adventures on board SV Blue Pearl.

St. Martin to Saint Barths was a cake-walk. Only 20 miles but it got us that much closer so we could make a final run to Antigua. We checked in, had a walk around and the obligatory beer at a sidewalk cafe. Then spent a peaceful evening on a mooring ball in Anse Columbier.

St. Barths harbour 
Room for two?

Trendy St. Barths street

Coolin' off

Can I see Antigua yet?

Sunsetting before Antigua landfall
Having been unsuccessful in convincing Guy that overnighters are full of the romance of the sea and the stars, we decided to sail mostly in the day. We set out before first light at 6 am and by the time the sun broke out of the Caribbean sea in the distance, we set our auto pilot and pointed to Antigua. It's not great heading straight into the wind for 14 hours but we didn't have much choice and at least the winds were light. Along the way we caught 2 fish. Alas we only got to see the head of the first one. Someone else was hungry so we threw that back, only to snag a small barracuda.

Got in late but we know this area well so we were able to anchor down easily.

But what a great next day. Headed into Jolly to clear in and to get a few things at the grocery store and who's anchored in Mosquito Creek but Radeen and Hayden on Island Spirit. Hayden and Radeen are huge cheerleaders for all things Island Packet and have provided the group with so many great resources. We've been friends for years but this was the first time we got to meet them in person. So great!

Hayden is the King of Selfies
When we went to fuel up we ran into Harry and Maryke from Aurora. We've cruised with them all over the Caribbean and the Bahamas. They are in the process of shipping their IP back to Holland where they bought it 20 years ago.

Harry and Maryke sailed from Holland to the Caribbean, to Nova Scotia and back to Antigua

And then... no picture... ran into Bryan and Nadi from Pyxis. Had a big adventure with them 2 years ago.

Later in Carlisle Bay we had drinks and cookies with Island Spirit. Had a chance for a nice "getting to know ya" chat. What a great day.

Life is good on Blue Pearl.


  1. Glen and Guy. It was really great to meet up in Jolly Harbor and visit. We have been following you for many years and it was finally wonderful to visit. You remind us so much of our high quality Principals that we worked for over our years as teachers. Thanks for the fun visit and hopefully we will be doing this again soon.
    Hugs to Pam and please keep in touch.
    Hayden...of Green Island, Antigua

  2. Soak it up! Glen....cuz you will be back in the North in no time at all!


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