Friday, February 7, 2020

I'm Home

OK, that went quickly. We've got some rennovations going on at home and we had to cut the season short this year.

A visit to Antigua is not complete without a visit to historic Nelsons Dockyard. And when Blue Pearl is in that area the visit is not complete without the Middle Ground hike from Falmouth Harbour to English Harbour.

Falmouth on the left, Middle Ground, English on the right
Those of you who've done it know that it is a trudge at the beginning and end with spectacular views of the area.

A small sloop passing by the Maltese Falcon

Middle Ground Shrubs

Maltese Falcon between 2 Grouse

Someone's ocean-front cabin

That's the high point on the way down

Love those cactus

With our flights booked for only a couple of days away it was time to get the Blue Pearl ready for summer storage. We motored around to Hermitage for one last night of swimming and good internet. We used to be able to get decent internet up in North Sound but the exclusive Jumby Bay resort has reworked their system so it is no longer available to transient cruisers. Dang!!!

Started to clean up and put things away in Hermitage Bay but began storage prep in earnest the next day after motoring up to North Sound and anchoring. People are always very impressed by the facilities at North Sound Marine and Guy was no exception. It's really great to wash off with great gobs of water in the showers after being so stingy with fresh water on the boat.

Passing a party boat on the way up to North Sound

Prickly Pear party island

A walk though Parham on the way to get laundry

And here's the laundry

Look what we found at the Parham fishery
Great last dinner on Blue Pearl - not shark - we don't eat shark

In the well folding up the big jib
Blue Pearl in the well, ready for the haul

And out we come

I've never hauled and flown the same day before so was a bit nervous about getting all the last minute stuff done. Turns out we only forgot 4 things... but Ed and Ann are going to be there Saturday so I guess I need to give them a call!

In Newark

In Seattle

For our final leg home

 So that's it for this year folks. We will embrace our other life here in the Great White North until next season. What a great ride!

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  1. I am sure Pam really missed taking charge of the all the tiny details of hauling out!


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