Friday, November 24, 2017

Sainte Kitts to France

Hello Faithful Readers,

Brianna was thrilled to get the care package from home. I think there was a bottle of Indian sauce for the bland food she is getting from the school/cruise ship.

We had a chance to hear about Brianna’s refugee status over dinner at Kings Palace Chinese Restaurant. Spent a nice evening but we are aware of not taking away from her studying time so we walked her back to the ship later in the evening.

There is a saying - “It’s an ill wind that blows nobody good.” St. Kitts is a booming place. One day there were 6 cruise ships in port. With Puerto Rico, the BVI, the USVI and St. Maarten all struggling back to normal there are limited ports for the cruise ships to visit. The diamond shops, eateries, bars and duty-free stores are doing booming business. Normally in the evenings, the cruise ships take off and leave all these places deserted. But now, when the ships have gone, the place slowly fills up with medical students who have found a way to leave their books for a while.

Heading down to Nevis

There's Brianna's house


Made a lobster salada for lunch

After a day of exploring St. Kitts we headed the 10 miles south to Nevis. Spent a rocky night on a mooring ball before heading in for check-out and an island tour. Barry the taxi driver took us on a 3 hour tour around the island. It could have been a 1 hour tour but he drove at 10 KPH. He kept stopping at run-down windmills, distilleries, and estates to see if we wanted to get out and walk around. We toured Montpelier Estate where Lady Di stayed with her boys during one of her fractures with Charles. But you know, in 95 F heat with no breeze and no shade… we just wanted to get back into the AC of the taxi.

Hot springs... nice!

Weather station

A flower among the flowers

Anchored off this beach

I'd like two Killer Bees, please

We had lunch at a little place near the Customs office and were served by the nicest waitress in the Caribbean. She was cheerful, offered great service and helped Pam and I figure out some social media thing with a phone and Instagram. Nice!

Back to the boat for a blissful sleep and a morning sail to Montserrat. 

The predicted 15 knot breeze from just north of east (85 degrees) turned out to be 10 knots at 130 degrees. So we had to motor for most of the 30 miles. Spent a rocky night in a crappy anchorage and then headed to Deshaies first thing in the morning.

Redonda belongs to Antigua... just a big rock

Killer Goat Bay

Ho hum. Another beautiful sunset

Along the wrecked airport of Montserrat

Wait for the hottest part of the day to go for a walk


Lunch at a beach restaurant at Grande Anse - Nice!

The sail to Deshaies was brilliant - except we didn’t catch our usual mahi. No problem. Cocktails with Sid and Cate, a great sleep and the promise of fun days in France!!

Au’ revoir Mes Chers!

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  1. We were in Paradise 3 days ago! and now we are looking at the beautiful beaches and palms and sighing!


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