Saturday, November 4, 2017

On Monday we took the red-eye from Seattle, getting us into Miami by 7AM local time. By 3PM we were at the Blue Pearl, North Sound Marina, Antigua. Lovely to see her, safe and sound tucked up against one of the huge buildings here at North Sound. Not a scratch on her. We were so lucky to have avoided damage from the nasty weather down here in September and October.
Singing "Salt Fish" at the airport - Independence Day

Cold beers on the way to the marina

She's safe!!!

Not going anywhere

Deluxe burger for dinner at "Ounces"

Murphy started on the third pull

I hate sleeping on the boat when we aren't on the water... should really take a B&B for the first few nights until we can get her into the water. Normally I'm a bug buffer for Pam - taking bug bites for the two of us. But this time they decided they loved her O negative blood type. Between the lack of breeze and the bugs we were more than a little grouchy on Thursday, when we splashed.

And... in we go

Dock is a little messed up from the hurricanes
We've been talking to Janina, who runs a new canvas place out of North Sound. We are looking at replacing our dodger, so she came out today to take the measurements. She is also cutting us a new foam mattress for the forward berth.

So we are happy today. Should be able to head down to Jolly Harbour later this afternoon or tomorrow - as soon as Janina brings us our foam.

While we wait we are watching them unload charter catamarans that were damaged in Irma. They were based in Oyster Bay, St. Maarten. These are the worst. There will be 3 more barge loads of them. Some will be scrapped, some repaired, some are just being stored for the insurance companies.

Barge load of cats

What a mess

Amazing how quickly the barnacles grow


Off the barge...

... onto the travel-lift
Looking forward to spending some time with Sid and Cate on Quest. In a week or so we will head over to Saint Kitts to visit our friend Brianna. She was enrolled in medical school in Dominica until they were squashed by Hurricane Maria. They have shifted their classes to Saint Kitts while Dominica rebuilds.

Just keepin' you up to date. Talk soon!


  1. Glad you guys are there safely and that Blue Pearl is doing well. Wow, the damage to those boats is unbelievable. So sad. Enjoy the sun as we begin with snow

  2. I can imagine the relief of seeing the Blue Pearl unscathed. It is nice to see sunny Caribbean pictures while the snow is blowing outside.


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