Saturday, March 11, 2017

Wait a minute... who's having fun?

While Pam's gone I've been filling my time with boat jobs. I've always wanted to have some alone time on the boat so I can get some things done without having to behave and make sure Pam isn't getting annoyed or bored or annoyed and bored. So I got my wish.

I've finished the part of the cap rail that we both were working on, refinished the sole in the aft cabin. I'm working on the forward cabin as we speak and I've repaired a couple of leaky, mal-functioning hatches. Changed the oil and filters. Changed the fuel filters. All very exciting... blah, blah, blah.

Old method to keep hatch open

New (not cheap) friction lever in place

Ooooooohhh, shiny

Hatch re-bedded after removal for repairs

And... it works! Yay.

Loads of fun.

Hey, wait a minute! What's going on at home? Kids are all there, grandkids are all there. Brad's drinking scotch, Jen and Carrie overdosing on ice cream. I want some!

Having fun!!!

Grandkids "helping..."

Breakfast chaos

Gran doing Gran duties
The troops have rallied to move Carrie out of our basement where we held her captive for the last little while... into her new apartment. How cool.


Moving day today!

Luke totin' stuff

Get your stuff out of my garage!!!

Hey, that's what I'm doin', too

Jack helping out Carrie load the van.
Just hangin' at Care Bear's

Yay! A picnic with Aunty Jen. Uncle Brad chillin' on the sofa.
I wish I was there!

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