Sunday, March 19, 2017

Time for a Change

Hello Faithful Reader!

I've been at the dock in Rodney Bay for 3 weeks now and it's time for a change. I've done a world of boat jobs so I feel pretty good about that... but as I sit here the harbour sludge is building up on the bottom. Time to race through the water to clean it all off... over to Martinique where Pam flies in next weekend. Yay!!!

I like my own company but occasionally I get on my nerves and it's time to hang around with someone else.

I couldn't find anything that appealed to me for lunch on the boat so I thought I'd wander down to the restaurants to peruse the various menus. The closest I got to buying something was at the sushi place... but I wasn't hungry enough to pay the formidable prices... even though it is very good and artsy. I'll wait 'til I get back home to fill up on sushi.

Started back to the boat and ran into my fruit lady. I was low on fruit so I picked up some grapefruit, passion fruit and bananas. She has a bunch of bottles filled up with herbs and twigs and stuff. The idea is that you buy some of the local rum/poison and drink it as a tonic. Each time I look at it she tells me it is good for my "willie" and offers me a taste. I think she likes me.

Didn't notice the special soaps until I took this photo

Just add kick-a-poo joy juice

Fruit Lady

She had some aubergines and I asked her how she prepared them. She said slice, egg batter, bread crumbs if you like and fry them up.

So I did...



Soon to be egg batter

Panko and pepper

Looking good!

Fry 'em up

So... you can put lime, salt and hot sauce on anything and it tastes good. I'm not sure that I will waste my time on the aubergine next time.

So there is another thing, like zip-lining, that I never need to do again.

Off tomorrow. See you in Sainte-Anne!

Ready to go!
Page One getting ready for the trip over to Sainte-Anne

Gary seizing the halyard shackle in place

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