Sunday, February 15, 2015

Les Saintes to Antigua

Cat Tales, our neighbour in Les Saintes from New Brunswick, told us about a weather guy who broadcasts at 07:45 on 4420 on the SSB.  Cat Tales told us Dennis - currently in Antigua - was a retired weather services guy with the Canadian government and was very knowledgeable.  So we listened.  Kind of nice to get a forecast from a guy who is more or less in the same area.

Post Cards from Les Saintes

We sailed from Les Saintes to Dehais and checked out of France… next stop Antigua.  Cleared in at Jolly Harbour but the predicted surge promised to make things uncomfortable.  So once we got some rum we headed down to Falmouth.  

Customs and Immigration computer in the back of this store.  
Sharing the anchorage at Deshais with this big boy

20 miles from Montserrat - we'll go there on our way south

OK - now that's too close - even if you're French


This is good but we need to fix it.
 Antigua Riggers are/is located here so we have been able to replace the gate eye that I dropped in 50 feet of water in Les Saintes.  Also restocked our beer.

Didn't think we gave him enough room in the channel - yelled at me - hurt my feelings.
And guess what?  We learned that Friends of Dennis (FOD) were having a meeting (beers on the beach) so we met up with them.  There were 9 boats so lots of fun meeting new folks and hearing more great stories of incredible adventures sailing all over the world.

Dennis the weather guy in the middle - and Friends of Dennis

Allister from Cranstackie, me and Arlene from Tiger Lily II

OK... now this seems like a great idea!

Murphy needs wings!!!
Two years ago, when we were here last we took a hike from Falmouth to English Harbour over an area called Middle Ground.  There are some cool military remains and great views so we decided to do it again.  It really is a great hike but in the heat it is crazy.  

Looking down at Nelson's English Harbour

The intrepid hiker
That’s enough exercise for a while.  We are going to take it easy on the boat… waiting to hear how our girls are doing at home… running a half-marathon.  Kind of makes our hike seem insignificant.

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